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Teeth whitening

When discoloration we attach importance to a particularly gentle whitening of the teeth. Teeth discolor with age.

Toth filling

Composite fillings are suitable for small to medium-sized carious defects. The composite is applied layer by layer into the timing hole.

Dental implants

Has usually the shape of a screw, usually consists of titanium and serves as a replacement for lost or missing natural tooth roots.

Dental aesthetics

Dental health is the most important for us. But gleaming white teeth are not only a sign of health, but give you a beautiful smile.

Anesthesias treatment

Not only for patients of fear of is a treatment of “in the bedroom”, so under general anesthesias, a stress-free way of dental therapy.


The planning, manufacture and integration of dentures falls under the technical direction of prosthetics.

Root canal treatment

The endodontology deals with diseases of the dental pulp (tooth nerve) and their treatments.


The oral surgery covers the entire spectrum of surgical measures mandible and adjacent soft tissue.

Gnashing teeth

Tooth grinding (bruxism) is pressing each other and grinding of the teeth.


Dental hygiene is a professional cleaning of the teeth.

Gum treatment

The Periodontology is the study of the tooth holding apparatus.

Laser treatment

Is a beneficial complement to classical methods of treatment.

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